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How Do I Stand Out?

Show Notes

I was out walking my dog earlier as the sun was shining, and it is a lovely day here. We have had the wetness winter in many years and lots of grey days, so it was great to be able to get out and go for a walk. Where I live, we have lots of wildflowers, some grow completely naturally, and others are indigenous to the area and planted in the local gardens. Our wildflowers are very brightly coloured and stand out. Some of the wildflowers only last for a short time, while others are longer, but they all compete for the same bees.

It got me thinking about how some businesses stand out more than others. Some businesses seem to be popular short time and others have much more longevity.

How about your business, how are you making it stand out?

Social Media Shutdown

Was your business affected by the October Social Media shutdown of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp?

Far too many business owners build their reputation solely on social media platforms they have little control over.

What if the shutdown was for more than 6 hours, what would you have done then?

Social media are great platforms which are needed as part of your marketing strategy and a great way to attract leads and helps drive traffic to your website, but you don’t own it and have little control over it. Very large and small social media accounts have been closed overnight for seemingly no reason and the owners have lost the lot. Don’t let that be you!

Social Media a Changing Landscape

Social media is such changing landscape that you really need to keep on top of it to make sure you are standing out.

Take LinkedIn for example.

Recently many people have seen a large decline in exposure on LinkedIn. It used to be the more content you posted the better. People were posting every day to great effect. Like all social media platforms, LinkedIn wants you to be social. It’s all about the engagement. How many comments and interactions are you getting and how quickly after you have posted.

LinkedIn considers the first 2 hours to be critical so there is little point in posting late at night if all your followers are already in bed. Your post will go to your most engaged followers first. Then if you get good engagement in the first 2 hours, LinkedIn will help you by pushing your content to more of your tribe. If you continue to get engagement, then the algorithm will push your content out to 2nd connections and further. Your exposure all depends on how quickly and how many people engage with your content.

How Are You Standing Out?

When was the last time you looked at what you are doing on the socials? How are you making your business stand out?

You need to be constantly tweaking and testing your marketing strategy and what you are implementing to make sure you are getting the best exposure for your business.

In this busy and noisy digital world, we find ourselves in we need to be able to stand out.

What Is Your Website Like?

When was the last time you looked at your website, I mean really looked at it?

Is your content still relevant or have you changed, updated, or tweaked your offering since you started?

You might even be thinking do I need a website at all?

Yes you do.

A website helps you…

  • Showcase your service offerings and products
  • Provides you with credibility and professionalism
  • Provides your contact information
  • Allows you to build your contacts list

People expect you to have a website and if you don’t, they wonder what sort of business you are or are you still in business at all?

A website adds enormous value to your business and the sooner you start the better.

Your website is your digital home, you can send your guests to exactly the content that will best serve them. Websites can be searched easily so for the blue green people who need more details you can provide that for them and the red yellow bigger picture people you can have great visuals so they are happy too.

Having a fully functioning, well designed website can be your 24 hour 7 day a week sales person.

Most people need multiple touch points before they will even consider to contact you so make sure you are standing out and providing that for them.

How Are You Getting Exposure?

Remember you need to be where your client are! It is no point having the brightest, most glamorous gown and be the belle of the ball if your clients aren’t there to see you.

You need to be getting exposure where your clients will see you.

  • Where do they hang out?
  • What searches are they using?
  • What social platform as they using . . . do you know?

Even the best exposure is not going to work if it’s not in the right place.

Do you have some homework to do?

Reach out if you need help getting your business exposure in the right areas.

How Do I Stand Out?

Next week my guest is going to chat about How to monetize your passion, creating a lucrative business, without sacrificing your life balance.

Listen to Episode 139 of Small Business Talk for the full details.

How do I stand out?

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