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Go For No

Show Notes

We are often conditioned to think “No” is a dirty word.

We don’t want to say it, and it is even worse to have it said to us.

No is very powerful. No is definitive but it can also mean not now as appose to not ever.

In Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz’s book “Go for No”, they talk about, 

Yes, is the destination, No is how you get there.

What they mean is not stopping because you have made quota.

If you need to get 3 sales this week and you manage to get them in the first day, what do you do? Most people would process them and then take it easy for the rest of the week.

If on the other hand your target was 20 No’s, you got 3 yeses then you still have 20 more calls/appointments to do for the week.

How many more yeses, could you get with that attitude?

I experienced this myself last week.

Each day I walk 7000 steps.

Last week had been a big week and come Sunday I only had to get 1000 steps to complete the week’s total.

It was hot when the dog and I went for a walk, so we headed down to the river for the shade of the trees. We walked for a bit, then the dog wanted to sniff, as I didn’t need to count the steps I let him and we dawdled along. After a while we turned and headed back. 5000 steps that’s ok I thought average exceeded for the week all done.

By the time I went to bed another 1500 steps for a total of 6500. If I had walked 250 steps more before turning around, I would have not only exceeded my average but my daily count as well. 250 more steps, nothing but because I had already reached the weeks goal, I had stopped counting.

What Are You Stopping Short on?

Going for No can be used in lots of different situations. 

I was discussing this with a colleague and they said; “but you will become like a horrible telemarketer”.

No, 20 no’s can be 20 different people or following up on past prospects. We have all said no when later on we have thought/wished we had said yes. In that situation being given a 2nd chance would be amazing. 

No meaning not now can also be a good time when a no can become a yes.

If you don’t ask.

No’s won’t turn into yeses unless you ask, and if you don’t ask often your competitors will. You have done all the hard work and now they swoop into grab the prize.

We often stop to early because it is easier to pull out early than face the rejection of a No, right?

No, remember, no is not a rejection it might be that you didn’t explain your solution correctly but it’s not a personal rejection.

The other thing that “Go for No” talks about is stopping at the first yes.

The Upsell

Do you want fries with that?

Window tinting, extra warranty etc.

We all say we hate the upsell but done right we often don’t even realise it.

Sometimes we even look for it. How often have you bought the 20% more, the 2 for 1, get ½ price on the second item. As a client or customer, we love them, getting a bargain but as a supplier we often balk at offering them to our customers. Why do you think that is?

Customers will often choose other suppliers if they think that they are more of a one stop shop. If they don’t realise that you offer the same service because you have never told them.

How can you change your marketing to add extra value to both your customers and your bottom line?

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Go For No

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