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Get Your Business into 2021

Happy New Year to You All

Welcome to episode #099 of the Small Business Talk Podcast, I would like to wish you all a safe, happy and stress free holiday season.

2020 OMG What Can You Say!

In episode #098 I reflected on the lessons learnt in 2020, how we all had had to reset whether we wanted to or not. How community, compassion, sticking together and being flexible were all traits that now had become important once again.

There were many business lessons learnt too, so if you haven’t listened to Small Business Talk Episode 098 check that out first.

At this time of year planning is really important and making sure you have goals set in place that you can work towards now matter what the circumstances become. Last year I replayed the Small Business Talk #007 with Charlotte Brown on goal setting and planning. Charlotte’s tips are still just as relevant today as they were 2 years ago when we recorded that interview.

What Are Your Goals for 2021?

Make sure you are making them and then breaking them down so that you can follow through to action them. Another great episode on goal setting and taking action was Episode #082 about Rocking the Fourth Quarter and you could use that as inspiration to Rock Your First Quarter in 2021.

With the year that was 2020 I thought in today’s episode it would be good to replay Amy van Meijl’s episode #037 Is Negative Self Talk Holding Your Business Back.

Stop wishing for the New Year to start and make it happen, your way and now. It all begins with how you talk to yourself; enjoy.

Jim Fortin says “We are not our thoughts but the thinker of our thoughts” We look at what is running through our mind as if we have no control over it.

Here are Amy’s Top Tips to Deal with Negative Self Talk

  • Remember You’re in Control
  • You Control Your Thoughts
  • Verbalize Your Thoughts
  • Accept That You Won’t Be Happy All The Time

Don’t hold extra baggage on it just because it is raining, and you wanted to have a picnic that may not be what you wanted but that’s okay. You might be able to find a gazebo or a patio or somewhere and move your venue and still have a lovely day.

Remember you are in control of your thoughts and how you react to them.

Have a fabulous New Years and I will see you all in 2021.

Get Your Business into 2021

Go to Is Negative Self Talk Holding Your Business Back #37 of The Small Business Podcast for the full show notes from the original episode.

Get Your Business into 2021

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