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Flick the Switch

Show Notes

Flick the switch because you have got this. Today, we are
going to talk about mindset, business mindset.

Yoda says “ Do or Do not, there is no try”

Are you constantly saying I wish 2020 would end so we can
start again? You realise that when we close this year on December 31st,
January 1st will not be a magic switch that we will flick and all will
be fixed.

Mindset – Business Mindset

If you don’t get your mindset right before then you will
just keep carrying all your worries, all the baggage you have from 2020
straight into 2021.


You need to stop and rest.

No matter what sort of year you have had, whether it has been brilliant and your business has grown or awful and its been really tough or somewhere in between, it’s time to look at all the positives.

Now if you are saying that easier said than done, then start right there. If you are finding it difficult to climb out of a black hole, please seek professional help. Professional help is not a sign of weakness sometimes, it is just what you need to give yourself a little jump start. The biggest thing you need to do is look after you, then you can help others, it doesn’t work like the other way around. So if you need to, seek help.


What have we learned from this so very strange year of 2020

  • Resilience
  • Community is everything
  • Buy local
  • Be flexible


For a lot of people, resilience and flexibility have been the theme for this year. Being able to shift your mindset is crucial to take these learning and move forward in a positive way in 2021.

I think we have all learnt that things are not set in concrete and what we thought would be impossible is now possible. Not only it is possible but in a lot of case without having to move the mountain we need to be flexible and take imperfect action. Half the battle is just starting. Doing business online is now the norm even for businesses that would have never dreamed of it previously eg. Gyms, dance studio other in-person offerings.

Community is the New/Old Buzz World

Community and old fashion values have become so important again. At the beginning of 2020 few people knew their neighbours. Now everyone knows their neighbours. Now we are looking out for each other. Things like road rage have been reduced as we are all so grateful to be able to use our cars again and are much more tolerant of people and their needs.

People are going back to respecting others and being decent people again.

Buy Local

Buying local has been a thing for few years now and was always popular many many years ago before we all become too price driven. Now we are wanting to support of local communities, local business owners on the whole we are happy to spend a few extra cents/dollars if we known we re getting a local product or service.


Although there have been many hardships and some still continue, there also have been many positives of this very odd year.

Some businesses have flourished; others have streamlined their processes or pivoted to become a much stronger and better business.

By reflecting and having a forced break some business owners have realised the way they did business was not sustainable and now they have been able to change

2020 has provided the most incredible opportunity to change and pivot with every little backlash or complaint. People who used to work 7 days a week are now taking a mid-week “weekend”. The whole world has taken a sigh of relief and we are moving into a new normal that will not be the same as post 2020.

Move Forward

Move forward in a positive way and use this as a gift. Take your lessons learnt into 2021 and make it the most fabulous year no matter what happens from here on.

The choice is yours so use it wisely. Be a glass totally full kind of person and reap the rewards.

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Flick the Switch

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