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Do You Enjoy Your Business?

How Has Your 2021 Started Off?

Have you been able to shake off the 2020 blues, or have they lingered?

Yes, I know in some countries and parts of the world the pandemic is worse than ever. And I feel for you.

However, how you react to the situation and circumstances that you have been given is your own choice. You can decide the world hates you and create yourself an ever-deepening black hole, or you can choose to see the “silver”, silver lining and make the best with what you do have and what you have access to.

Please, if you can only see darkness to seek professional help.

Many businesses have grown, thrived, and even expanded in 2020. For today’s Small Business Talk podcast episode, we are going to replay Episode #055 – How to Run a Business You Really Enjoy where I spoke with Emma and Carla Papas.

Emma and Carla’s 3 Key Points:

  • Presence
  • Acceptance
  • Gratitude

Experience the moments you are living now and focus on the present rather than your past regrets or future worries. Still strive for more from yourself and your business but also remember to accept and work with what you have right now.

Prioritise changing from a lacking mindset to an abundance one and try to enjoy the journey of growth, rather than always fighting for more.

Do You Enjoy Your Business?

Go to How to Run a Business You Really Enjoy #55 of The Small Business Podcast for the full show notes from the original episode.

Do You Enjoy Your Business

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