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Courageous Transition From Corporate to Entrepreneurship With Carmen Sederino

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Carmen Sederino is the director and founder of Illuminated Story. She’s also a board member Digital Women’s Network and Coaches Presenters, showing them that the essential qualities which distinguish them as an authentic voice of business and industry are deep within. Illuminated Story unlocks the performer in you, enabling you to connect with your audience with pride, confidence and conviction. She’s a business and marketing professional, with over two decades of experience across a multinational enterprise. About 6 years ago, Carmen combined her business experience and acting training to found Illuminated Story and have never looked back since. She absolutely LOVE coaching experts like you so that your message is not only heard but felt by your audience and you can leave your mark on the world.

It takes courage to transition from corporate to entrepreneurship. Here are some tips to transition from corporate to entrepreneurship.

Make Sure You Love What You Do

Because if you’re not, then you might not be able to, work through the challenges that inevitably do come up when you decide to be an entrepreneur. Remember seeing an interview with Steve Job once, and you just thought, oh my goodness, this is so true. He said, you being an entrepreneur, you’re insane. I mean, like, what do you mean by that? And he said, well, you just wouldn’t do it unless it’s your absolute passion, unless you absolutely have to, because it’s really hard. You will end up asking if you want to keep doing it or just go back and get a job. If you are already decided to continue, then keep going. Because if you don’t love it, absolutely you will go back and get a job.

Have Some Cash

Some people suggest that it’s better to start it as a side gig, a side hustle, and really get your teeth into it first. But for some, they wanted to focus 100% on the business and just dive in, take the risk and put themselves the pressure of needing to generate income to make it work. So you do have to still be realistic because you’ve got to pay the bills. So if you’re thinking about doing it, have that bankable cash. So then you do have that little bit of runway. You might be still doing it 100%, but you’re not banking on it right from the word go. Well, you need to be motivated to boost your new business and all but you still got to feed your family as well.

Generate Leads

Most entrepreneurs you’ve left because you have a passion for what you want to do. And was 100% confident that they could help. Ladies, entrepreneurs, experts would elevate their public speaking. What they hadn’t thought as much about was lead generation. How are you going to attract people to be able to sell them? Sometimes when you’re an entrepreneur, you’re really passionate about the thing it is that you want to leave to do. And you don’t think about the amount of time and energy that really needs to go into the marketing and sales side of your business to generate business, to be able to deliver on your passion.

They say it’s an 80-20 rule, but in the beginning it’s 80% marketing and sales and only 20% generating the coaching in a lot of cases. Well, people think you should be doing 100% coaching but unfortunately, the only way to do 100% coaching is to work for somebody else.

So if you want to work for yourself, you have to do the marketing and sales. And it’s amazing how many marketing and sales background people don’t think about the marketing and sales, but you’re not on your own.

Do Networking

Join a networking group and be sure to be committed.  And, in that system, you helped generate leads for others, and in return they helped generate leads for you. You can also join social media platform such as Linkedin. Remember what happened during Covid? Everything has been done virtually. So social media and the internet can help you with your coaching business, use that to your own advantage.

One of the big things that you need to be as an entrepreneur is adaptable and be able to change with whatever life the universe or your clients have to throw up.



Courageous Transition From Corporate to Entrepreneurship With Carmen Sederino

In the transition, thinking about your ideal client is really important and getting very clear on that, because with a lot of services, you could service everybody, you could service lots and lots of people. And generally, it’s, more viable or more enjoyable for you to really think about who you love working with and who’s going to get the most benefit out of whatever it is that you’re selling or offering.

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