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Coach To CEO of Your Business

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You are the CEO of your business now and you need to be working with that mindset. Are you just doing it in the 5 minutes you’ve got while you waiting to pick up the children, while you waiting for your spouse, while you just trying to fit it all in the big juggle? What is it that you can do to make that smoother? Are you a coach or are you the CEO of your business?

Change Your Mindset

Coaching mindset to the CEO mindset. Yes, you’ve come from corporate and you don’t want to be a CEO. So is a business owner a better term for you? But they are two different skill sets. So, with coaching, you’re thinking about great results for your clients. Motivating your clients, putting out fantastic content so people can get the value, they can think about the way you work, the way you work.

Working at Ally and the coach offer made that perfect person. You’re thinking about self-development, building your coaching skills, getting your framework sorted and creating a great job. And then as the CEO or the business owner, you need to think about running the business, having the business smooth, not faced in famine, not doing that crazy. Lots and lots of clients.

No marketing. Lots and lots of marketing. No clients. Now the clients come in, so you’re back on the swings in the roundabouts and you’re not doing the marketing. How can you set your business up so that it’s smoother so that you’re doing both the coaching and being the CEO? Starting to have that marketing may be automated, having the schedules put out, having a business plan and a marketing plan, being strategic about it.

The mindsets are quite different. So as a CEO, as a business person, thinking of cash flow, what is it that you’re doing with the money when you get it in? Are you putting things aside for your tax? Have you got a little bit of play money to reward yourself? Are you covering your costs? Are you spending more than you getting in?

Cashflow is Important

When the money comes in, you split it up into different sections and it works on a percentage. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re getting $1 $10 thousand or millions of dollars coming in. It works on a percentage. So if you’re not doing something like that, perhaps go and look at profit first.

What happens there is you know exactly how much money you’ve got for things. So it helps you to not overspend because cash flow really is king. And that’s a mindset that you need to be bringing on as a business owner and thinking about that. Yeah, it’s boring, but cash flow is where a lot of businesses come unstuck because they might be selling a 12 month package.

You might be getting all that money upfront, but you’ve got to make sure it’s spread out. If you’re not continuing to sell 12 months packages time after time after time, how are you going to make that money spread?

Have A Marketing Plan

What is your strategy there? What are you going to do today, next week, the week after next month, three months time? Are you just doing it in the 5 minutes you’ve got while you’re waiting to pick up the children, while you waiting for your spouse, while you just trying to fit it all in the big juggle?

What is it that you can do to make that smoother? And scheduling is amazing to make it much easier, but you need to know what to schedule. And just throwing a few things on here and there. That’s not how you run a serious business and you are running a serious business. So, make sure that you are doing your business things.

Time Management

What are you doing with your time management? You don’t want to be running light and flustered for your clients. You don’t want to be putting out subpar posts in marketing because you didn’t have the proper time. You haven’t scheduled that. You don’t want to be spending all the time that you had scheduled for maybe you marking or doing some accounts, whatever it is doing busy work. Are you getting to the point now that your cash flow will allow you to have somebody to come in and help you doing the accounts, doing that bookkeeping? If that’s not in your strategic wheelhouse?

Be A Good Employer

So when you’re being strategic and thinking about yourself as a CEO, what would a CEO do? We are quite often our own worst bosses. Now, if we’re bringing people into our team, whether they be employees, whether they be contractors, whether it be for a project, you don’t want to be the worst boss out.

Making sure that even if you haven’t started to bring extra people in, you are doing it correctly. You are bringing those systems in. If you do it more than once. Then systems are a great thing to do. No, they probably won’t do it exactly as you do and you never know they might. Action. They do it better. Sometimes, they are far more experienced than you were and they did it so much quicker, much to your disgust in the first instance.

But then when you put your business hat back on, you will realized that you should have done it sooner. And that might be due to some making sure that you are thinking about those things that you need to do as a CEO. So as a CEO, your perspective needs to be a little bit different. It needs to be thinking about those things that are mentioned such as the cash flow, the marketing, making sure everything’s much smoother, the ebbs and flows.


Are you making those critical connections with people that can be a referral partners? Are you getting people to talk about you when you’re not in the room? What is it that you can do in that space? Do you need to be going to networking?

Do you need to be making your network bigger? Is those critical connections something that you have on your board? Is it something that you’re doing and maybe it is almost like a board? Maybe you need some mentors around you. Have you think about that. Well, what is CEO B doing? What would they be doing to ensure that their company or their business can thrive?

Get Some Downtime

You’ve got the CEO role, the the business owner making sure that’s all smooth and you’re also the coach. And what do we do badly as coaches? We generally don’t look after ourselves, so we need to make sure that we are looking after ourselves. Is it a case of thinking outside the box? Do you need to get some help at home?

Do you need to be doing click and collect for your groceries so you’re not spending an hour walking around the grocery shop? If that’s not your down time, why is it that you can do to make that part of your life smoother? Do you need to get a cleaner if your cash flow allows, click and collect is free.


Coach To CEO of Your Business

You’re going to have to switch your mindset when you’re jumping between the two, but you can do it. You really can just be prepared. Plan ahead and go easy on yourself and don’t be doing the things that you don’t need to do. I hope this podcast has been helpful for you. You can do it. You’re a great coach. You are a great business owner and you can make it happen both together and make it something that’s going to work for you.

So if you like this sort of content, my new book, The Coaches Marketing Roadmap, is out, so you will be able to grab yourself a copy.

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