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Coach to Business Owner

Show Notes

In this episode of Small Business Talk, Cathy Smith unveils the roadmap for coaches eager to turn their passion into a thriving business. Navigating the coaching landscapes, the episode delves into why the coaching industry is seeing unprecedented growth.

Cathy emphasises the distinct skill sets that underpin coaching and business. She highlights the art of marrying the two, illuminating how core coaching skills can be harnessed in a business setting to build client trust and effective communication.

Cathy offers actionable insights on transitioning from coaching to business, touching upon pivotal decisions like business structuring, pricing strategies, and the essence of digital marketing.

She underscores the importance of continuous learning, from upgrading coaching techniques to honing business skills, while not going down the over-certified route. Addressing the hurdles coaches might face, Cathy shares strategies for resilience, from tackling common pitfalls to building a robust support system.

The key takeaway? The coaching realm is ripe with opportunity, and with the right tools and mindset, transitioning into a prosperous business is well within reach.


Coach to Business Owner

Episode 211, Coach to Business Owner on Small Business Talk by Cathy Smith, proudly presented by CATCO Enterprises.

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Small Business Talk Coach to Business Owner

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