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Clear Communication is Key

Show Notes

It is really important that you make sure your customers are kept in the loop. Often we are like a duck madly padding under the water and keeping everything looking calm and serene on the top. Unfortunately our customers can’t see this and they get worried by what they perceive as silence.

Making sure you are communication with your customers and that there are no gaps or doubts is really important.

Episode 109 – What do you mean, was all about clear communication and today as we replay that episode as part of our Summer series we hope that you enjoy it.

Our guest episodes will continue as normal over the summer and holiday season.

Today’s Small Business Talk episode 149, Clear Communication is Key, love to hear your feedback.

What do You Mean?

Go to What do You Mean?  #109 of The Small Business Podcast for the full show notes from the original episode.

Clear Communication is Key

Listen to the full episode of Small Business Talk episode 149.

Clear Communication is Key

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