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Business Success or Failure: It’s All in the Planning with Sean Castrina

Show Notes


Sean Castrina is the Founder of The Weekend MBA and host of The 10 Minute Entrepreneur Podcast a top 10 entrepreneurship podcast as well as the author of 4 bestselling books.

He has been featured in Forbes, Inc. Money Magazine as well as a verified IG account with over 300k followers. Sean is a recovering white collar drug addict and will be sharing why every person should think like an entrepreneur.

Key Questions

There are a few questions to look at when starting your business – or even when evaluating a business you already have. Looking at these aspects can help you focus on what is working or not working within your business plan. Consistent planning and evaluation makes a big difference to how you approach your business.

  • Why are you selling this product and/or service?
  • Who’s going to buy your product?
  • Where did you come up with your pricing and how do you know customers will pay that amount?
  • Who’s your competition and how are you going to be different/better than them?
  • Who is your ideal customer?

Test Run Your Idea

Does your business idea really work? Before spending all your time, money and effort on a business that may or may not work, take it to a neutral party and ask: would you pay money for this? Find the target market you’re aiming for and test out your business before you buy all the equipment and expensive pieces. Try selling from a smaller zone – set up a little website or go to your local markets and test what works and what doesn’t, and if you can really make a profit from your ideas.

One Critical Hire

They may not even be ‘in’ the business as such – what/who do you need to ensure that you can grow your business without added stress? This could be a personal assistant to do those five-minute tasks that waste your valuable time, or it could be something like a housekeeper to stop you from getting caught up in other chores. It could be someone who possesses a skillset that you do not, to ensure the job is done to the best effect. It could even be a partner or a manager!



Business Success or Failure: It’s All in the Planning with Sean Castrina

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