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Are You Doing Business Consciously?

Show Notes

Struggling with overwhelm is a problem that many business owners face.

The pressure of our everyday lives seems too hard!

Are You Doing Business Consciously?

Do you feel like life is going too fast for you?

Are you conscious of every day and what you need to get done on that day?

And if not, how do you deal with this kind of overwhelm?

You might think of yourself as someone who performs well under pressure. Your best work comes from sudden, tight deadlines and work that needs to be done right that second. But this also causes a lot of stress for you and that is not healthy.

Write it Down

Using a to do list can be surprisingly effective! Writing things down can help you remember, but it also helps you to get it out of your head and down onto paper where you can see it. If paper doesn’t work for you, a recording app on your phone can work.


Take a look at your brand-new list. What are the 3 things you absolutely must get done today? Find the highest priority tasks and put those on the top. Picking something you can complete quickly as number 1 is a good idea – this way, you at least have something done and it encourages you to move onto those other tasks.

Are All of Your Tasks Important?

Looking at the things you need to get done, do they really need to be done today? Spending a lot of time on other people’s priorities is great for them but not so much for you. Remember that you can always move, delegate or remove tasks that are not important to get done now.

Are You Doing Business Consciously?

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Are You Doing Business Consciously

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