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Aligning Passion, Values & Purpose to Your Business With Liz Del Borrello

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Liz Del Borrello is a certified leadership coach and member of the International Coaching Federation.

She partners 1-on-1 with business owners and leaders in management positions to help achieve their goals. She also works with organisations to deliver leadership training programs.

Liz has a 25-year corporate career across mining, oil and gas, electricity, government and professional services sectors. Her high energy and empathetic approach makes her one of Perth’s most in-demand leadership coaches and trainers.

Be Passionate

Let’s talk about purpose, values and alignment today. And you are with what you’re passionate about, what your values are, and what your purpose is as a business owner is really fundamental to being able to step forward with confidence and clarity. It’s really about helping as a business owner to really think about what am I passionate about?

When you make that decision to step into business, sometimes we lose sight of that sort of eagle, like, What are we passionate about? What are we good at? What will make us money? And sometimes coming into business, we do kind of lose track of what we’re why we stepped into the business and what we’re truly passionate about.

Networking Environment

Networking is such a core part of what we do in business. So once you create a forum that was really inclusive for people to come along and meet other business owners, meet other employees and just be surrounded by people that are interesting in the topic of leadership. So it’s a leadership focused event with some with some learning in the middle of the networking as well. So yeah, it’s definitely about aligning your values around wanting to create and hold spice the people as well as being clear.

The purpose is to really create an environment which is really inclusive and anyone can come irrespective of whether they are a currently a leader, whether they are aspiring to be a leader, or whether they are just generally interested in leadership like all leaders are.

Often as business owners, we forget that we are ladies. So whether you have staff or team or not, you’re still a leader because people will see what you’re doing, look up to what you’re doing, and if your having some opportunities for speaking any of that kind of thing, then you do get to be seen as a leader.

Build Connection

Understand what are you passionate about, what are your values and what is your purpose, and making sure that it’s consistently delivered in all of the platforms that you choose to use. That’s why it’s so important as small business owners, that we do put a bit of our passion and our values out through particularly social media. So if you are a passionate dog lover or you love the outdoors or you’re an iron person, Iron man or woman, if you’re into a specific thing, so it might be health and fitness, that kind of stuff, then putting a little bit of that app into your socials then does get people to connect with you. So for example, if you like dogs and you see somebody with a dog, then there is something common with you and its where you can connect with each other. So that connection is really important. So just letting some pieces of your personality shine through and also being really clear on your values is almost like a compass. 

Being Honest Gets You Referrals

If you want or need something, the first thing you do is picked up the phone and asked a family member for a referral, we do that in an online ecosystem. So you might jump into our local Facebook community, for example, and ask for a recommendation for something. So, having your brand consistent and being really clear on what you’re passionate about is really important because that translates into the online ecosystem and also letting a little bit of yourself in as well, that the whole mindset around that has changed a lot over the decades.

And we know one of the most really popularly used phrases is that people buy from people that they know they like and they trust so it’s about giving a little bit more of yourself and being really honest and transparent about what you’re passionate about.

It’s important to remember when we are posting stuff, just to be really mindful of the brand that we want to portray and also check from time to time as well. Because as we learn and as we grow as business owners, our values change and our passions might shift. It’s always good to have a check points of checking where you have a major milestone in life or a major change, that it’s always good to come back and check in with your passions, come and check in with your values and come and check in with your purpose so that you can really make good decisions.

Follow Your Intuition

Your values are really important. However, if you have that intuition, that instinct, that something is not quite right, quite often it’s because the person that your engaging with or the potential customer, their values are not quite in alignment with yours. And that’s a lesson learned in business and in life around following your intuition.

Remember that your dirty laundry belongs in the laundry and not in Facebook. So, yes, we would like you to give us a little bit about yourself. But yes, there’s definitely TMI and we need to have boundaries and keep it professional as a small business, even though we are still the business person when we’re in our personal lives. That’s not how you would like your business to be portrayed. Then we need to be aware of that as well.

Do Self Reflection

It’s is the end of the year and most people are getting tired and sometimes those values and that alignment just slips. This is a perfect time to do some self-reflection and it’s a process called Gone Well and not gone well. You can take a piece of paper, a ruler on down the middle on one side, there is not going well and then going well on the other side. And it’s really just a way of sort of mind mapping all of what has worked well and what hasn’t worked well in your business.

There should be no judgement, it’s really just that getting out and reflecting on what continuous improvement can happen. So are you focusing on the right areas of your business, working in your business or on your business? And also, not forgetting as business owners the wins that we’ve had? Whether you have team members in your business or whether you’re a sole practitioner, it’s really taking that moment to acknowledge the wins that you’ve had and then celebrate it.

Be Grateful For Your Wins

So we know that gratitude as a principle brings health, wellbeing and emotional benefits. Focus on being grateful for what you’ve done for your clients and also the achievements that they’ve had, and then also use it as a bit of a planning platform for the next year as well. So you just need to pause -slow down to speed up again. So pausing and taking notes of what’s gone well, what we can improve on to that continuous improvement mindset, but then actually also acknowledging what has gone well and what we should be repeating. So what where we need to change behaviors as a business owner versus what behaviors can we continue that have served us well? And just being gentle with yourself as well.

Around this time can be an exhausting part time of the year. And it can be quite emotional for a lot of people. So just slowing down a little bit, allowing yourself to do the self-reflection, to reward yourself for the amazing work that you’ve done as a business owner and also to celebrate success.



Aligning Passion, Values & Purpose to Your Business With Liz Del Borrello

Always maintain a healthy work life balance. It’s not about it’s not about grabbing all the clients and all the work that you need to. It’s really about finding that balance for yourself so that you are in alignment with your values and your purpose and you’re not accidentally overstretching yourself and then compromising on the service delivery and compromising on what you’re passionate about as well.

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