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5 Ways to Monetise Your Podcast Without Turning it into an Ad with Anne Claessen

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Anne Claessen is the founder of The Podcast Babes which helps aspiring podcaster to increase their impact and make their podcast profitable in the process.  Anna help podcasters to use their podcast in a strategic way in their business, so they have leads coming in continuously and make passive income, without overwhelm or exhaustion. According to Anna, she loves helping people monetise their podcasts.  

1. Market Your Products

If you have digital products already and you’re thinking about starting a podcast… Great, do it. it is an amazing way to get attention and market your digital products – it gives people a bit of a sneak peek into how you educate people. So, it works really well. And also, if you have a podcast but you don’t have digital products, yes, you can also use your podcast to find out what digital products to create what your audience wants, what your audience needs, and then you already have the bean audience that you can also sell to when the digital product is there, when it’s launched. So podcasting is a two-way street.

2. Do Podcast and Video

Some people would love to listen while some prefer to watch a video. However, their preference would still depend on the type of content or information that they want. For example, if it’s some sort of course, doing a video would attract more audience. There are also instances on which a podcast is preferred. In fact, if you have been doing podcast and recently gone to do a video, your audience will automatically view your new video. So doing a podcast is an opportunity to established listeners and get more audience when you do video. These two are not in competition at all. If you can do both podcast and video, it’s more interesting.

3. Make Use of Your Podcast

With podcast, you can have several ways to make it creative. For example, you can repurpose content. If you have a ten-minute video, you can do a 2-minute podcast, just the audio to give a sneak peak of that video. You can use your podcast to introduce your video content.

4. Look for a Podcast Sponsorship

So, you already have a podcast. What about sponsorship? Why are some people looking for it if they already have a podcast? If you are interested in working with sponsors, start by laying down your foundation like you have to be very clear on what you do on your podcast. Your would-be sponsors should land on your website and immediately see your audience. You have to be very clear before you start reaching out to potential sponsors. You should be able to impress them. And remember to include your email address on your podcast description where your potential sponsors can contact you or your website should have a contact form.

5. Consider Looking for a Brand

When you are looking for brands, always ask yourself it this will be interesting for your audience.
Try to make it a win-win for everyone. Like a triple win, win for the brand because they can reach your audience, a win for yourself because you have the income and also a win for your audience because they will get to know a new brand. A new product that will hopefully make their life a lot easier and will solve their problem.

Pitch Perfectly

When pitching, highlight the benefits for that company if they choose to sponsor your podcast but remember to be specific. Rather than just doing some ads, consider doing an interview. With ads, people tend to skip them or fast forward them. With an interview, you are actually adding value once again. Ask for a better question – question that your listeners will want to hear the answers.

Once you’ve done podcasting, sponsorship, affiliate marketing, consider creating a membership or community around your podcast. You can do this by doing some quiz perhaps like this one here:


5 Ways to Monetise Your Podcast Without Turning it into an Ad with Anne Claessen

Remember to slow down. Being patient is good. After all, good things take time. It’s also great to build a team around you. Your team members can help you and can change your life. Drink your coffee when you can. You owe it to yourself. When you are doing podcast, be kind to yourself. It’s not a marathon so don’t be in a hurry. Remember to enjoy your journey.

Listen to Episode 191 of Small Business Talk for the full details.

5 Ways to Monetise Your Podcast Without Turning it into an Ad with Anne Claessen

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