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5 Tips To Reduce Stress When Running A Small Business with Becky McQueen

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Becky learnt from a young age and battling depression that what fuel we put in to our body determines our quality of life. She studied nutritional therapy and became a health coach to help others find themselves. Becky specialises in the food, mood link and helping people find self love and acceptance as well as running her organic cold pressed juice with the lunar cycle. Juice and the moon are Becky’s two favorite things other than my wonderful partner and 6 children.

5 Tips To Reduce Stress When Running A Small Business

Today we’re going to talk about five Tips to Reduce Stress in Running a Small Business with Becky McQueen. We could all use a little bit less stress in our lives, couldn’t we?

We find that if you don’t look after yourself and you don’t reduce your own personal stress any project you have whether it’s personal or professional is really difficult to succeed.

So here’s some tips to do just that.

Set Some Time Aside For You

So what you can do is set the time aside, Becky has 20 minutes every morning where she does Kundalini yoga and the reason she does that is, one it’s something that’s not related to any other family member or any business which she feels is really important to her personally. And two it’s like active meditation as she is someone that struggles a little with being very quiet in her mind, so she prefers active meditation rather than something static like sitting.

When you give yourself that time at the beginning of the day, your day can then successful because after you’ve done that you can sit there, think about your day, be grateful for everything that you have and then just plan what you want to achieve in that one day. When you work for yourself, you’re very consumed by everything, you think about it all the time because it’s your passion isn’t it? So a bit of peace of mind to start the day can be very beneficial.

Try Not To Over Organise

Some people try to over-organise things. You just need to be you and if organization’s not your strong point then maybe you need to delegate some of that to someone else.

There’s no shame in it, you have to look after yourself first otherwise you burn out. You can cause yourself loads of stress trying to be organized, you hear on podcasts, “How can I better? How can I be better?” And they were like, “Right have this program, do this, do this.” And  you might feel like, “I can’t,” I tried, and it was stressing me out. Becky says she came to the realisation, “Do you know what Becks, you do have a lot of children, you have two businesses, you’re winning, you are winning because you are getting stuff done so just do it in the way that works for you.” Which for her is, she can only plan really 24 hours ahead, so she goes with that.

Just Be You

 It’s not just with regards to organization but just remembering who you are that’s a real big key point that needs to be hit home to with everyone with their stress businesses, “Listen, let’s stop trying to be anybody else, remember who you are and remember why you started business.” Because usually we start businesses for ourselves because it’s something we’re passionate about and we feel really strongly about. When you give yourself time everyday, AM and PM then you can remember why you’re doing it and then that makes you feel good inside. It stimulates that high energy you feel and then you’re able to look at things differently and to make sure that you’re working all the time in line with who you are and then you’re kind of poeple, your tribe will find you and that makes things better.

Sometimes, you just actually have to be out there so that your tribe can find you. If you’re hiding away in your bedroom or the shadows, then nobody is going to find you. So remember you do actually need to put yourself out there as well.

If you’re trying to be somebody else, you’re going to fail at that. Because you can’t do that for long. Can you? Stuff that stresses you out in life and in business and it’s issues that come up that you kind of thought that was going to be alright, and it didn’t work. It can be finances, personal or business-wise, big issues.

Eat As Healthy As You Can

What you eat can been very important and Becky has  made that kind of her life’s work not just for business but for family as well. And what we do or don’t eat gives us our energy, gives us our mental power, gives us our focus, our clarity, our physical appearance, our physical health. So it’s, so, so important, but what I see in everybody is they’re work, work, work, work. Beast mode, grinds, all this like you’re saying, “I don’t need sleep, I don’t need food.” Well that’s just not true. So food is definitely essential and good nutrition is massively important, which is the foundation of everything. If you don’t eat well, you cannot run your business and you cannot run your home. So that’s a big focus, making sure that you eat right.

Ask Yourself How You Can Do Things Differently

One of Becky’s top tips for her business, is to sit down with yourself and say, “How can I see this differently? Or how can I do this differently?” And she finds that that’s really good for her with her juice business, as there’s all types of different obstacles in there. It lets you have a really good think about how you can make it better for the client, as well as for yourself. You’re not selling my soul and all of your hours and your whole life, for other people to have a good life and then you suffering. So it’s that self-care as well. But that question that is really key, how can I see it differently? And whenever you ask yourself that, you can get hit with a wonderful idea that you can then implement and actually it’s better, it’s better and it’s progress. So asking yourself questions is also very advantageous.

5 Tips To Reduce Stress When Running A Small Busines

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