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5 Strategies to Ensure You Have The Mindset to Take the Small Out of Small Business with Tracey Ward

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With a career & popularity that’s spanned continents, industries and genders, Tracey Ward has a unique talent for deeply connecting with those she works with, whilst eliciting change in those she touches with her warm professionalism (two words not often seen together).

Tracey is a successful business veteran with over 25 years of expertise and stellar credentials. Firstly, as an executive coach and facilitator in leading corporates such as Macquarie Bank, KPMG, AMP and Telstra through to the practical end of town with Australian Quarantine & Inspection Services, Salmat and Toll Logistics. Secondly, in the last decade embracing her true passion to specialise in developing and mentoring women with her own consulting business and numerous innovative programs.

As if that wasn’t enough, Tracey is established author with two books carrying her name; the latest released recently sharing her wisdom for women about learning the art of “Being Perfectly Imperfect”.

Academically, Tracey has embraced broad interests, with Psychology studies following an initial Civil Engineering degree, an interesting combination to say the least. However, were you to ask her what are one of her greatest achievements was she would say, being brave enough to leave a 20-year marriage, make the divorce amicable whilst still successfully co-parenting two teenagers who are now independent and have always been lovely.

Remove the Word Small From Your Business

People often think of a small business being just that, but certainly here in Australia that is not the case. Our language is really telling, and if you tell yourself “I just run a small business.” That in itself is limiting.


How we see ourselves, our self-image, is important. Our self-image can limit where we go and how we see ourselves. It’s how you see yourself that is really important in changing the results that you get. It is ‘dress to impress’, but the person you need to impress is yourself, and how you see yourself.

Take a Stocktake of your Life

The process of changing your self-image starts off from really taking a good stocktake of your life and asking yourself “Where am I now?”. When we tend to look at our business or look at ourselves, we can often approach with judgment. To take a stocktake of your business you need to look at what is and is not working in your business.

Avoid Self Sabotage

As a business owner it’s important to not self-sabotage. A common trait when everything is running smoothly is to think “Oh, but there has to be something more.” The result is you throw a spanner in the works as a business owner. If this self-sabotage does occur, it’s important to work out why it is occurring, what programming do you have in place that makes this happen?

Have a Positive Mindset

A common assumption is that being in small business is hard. If you think it is hard, of course it’s going to be hard. You must be aware of this thought process and have a positive mindset, pull your shoulders up and tell yourself you are going to have a good day.

The Power of Mindset

Our thoughts become our beliefs. When your head is de-cluttered and you have a brilliant self-image, you will know what to do with your business.


5 Strategies to Ensure You Have The Mindset to Take the Small Out of Small Business

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