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3 Things to do Before Spending Money on Marketing – Your Business Story

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Hey, I’m so glad you could join us here at Small Business Talk Podcast #010.
Today we are to finish our 3 part series on 3 Things to Do before Spending Money on Marketing with Your Business Story.

Show Notes

In Episode 6

  • We defined your audience.
  • Speak to your customers – your ideal customer.
  • Talking to everyone you, you will talk to no one.

Part 2 – In episode 8 we discussed –

  • Stop thinking of marketing as selling
  • add value.
Identify your customer’s problem – problem, singular and not plural.

Deal with 1 problem at a time.
That way, you will be specific and your customers will be drawn to you because you get them, you understand their issues.
In this episode, we will be finishing our 3 Things to do Before Spending Money on Marketing with Story.

Your Story, Your Business Story

What makes you different and why should your ideal customer buy from you instead of your competitors.
Story, is the latest buzz word. Instagram has stories. Now Facebook and YouTube are bringing out reels which is its form of stories.

The origin of stories is primitive however; they are still just as relevant today because they help us to remember the message. Stories paint a picture in our minds. Pictures tell a thousand words and we remember them. Stories touch our emotions. Remember Fairy Tales, they are very old stories. Stories with means that convey a message.

Think About Stories We Associate With Brand Name.

Coke – Feel, Beach, Friends, oh what a feeling

Volvo – Safety, Family Car, Secure, you’ve made it.

When you hear people talk about stories, you remember what they have said, their message because of their stories.

Think about stories that you can tell of how you have helped people like your ideal customer.

A plumber might talk about how they saved the day for a lady at Christmas time. All the family are about to arrive and suddenly, she finds that her toilet is blocked up. Calls the local emergency plumber and with 30 minutes, the problem is solved and Christmas celebration is a great success.

People remember stories, what is your stories of your business. Think about how people relate to stories. These are the 3 things to do before spending Money on Marketing.

3 Things to do Before Spending Money on Marketing

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See you next week on the Small Business Talk Podcast.

3 Things to do Before Spending Money on Marketing - Your Business Story

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