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3 Things to do Before Spending Money on Marketing – Right Audience

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Welcome to Small Business Talk Podcast #006, today’s topic is 3 Things to do Before Spending Money on Marketing. Today we are talking about the Right Audience.

Show Notes

3 Things to do Before Spending Money on Marketing!

Marketing today is not as easy as it used to be.

You used to take out an ad in the local newspaper or do a leaflet drop in letterboxes in your local area. If you were a big business, you might do some TV or radio advertising. Your business was competing against 2 or 3 other local businesses in your area and if you delivered a good service and kept your customers happy you had it made.

Today’s marketing story is a very different story. You are competing against lots of other business within your area, your state your country and even overseas. Your competitors could number in the hundreds globally.

In such a noisy space how do you make your marketing stand out from the rest when many other people offer similar services to you?

The quickest way to build trust is in person. We take our queues from how people behaviour both verbally and non verbally and first impressions really do count.

Right Message to the Right Audience

Jack of all trades master of none.

You can’t serve everyone and if you try your message will be so watered down that you will serve no one at all. STOP trying to serve everyone. This week I had a potential client who said their target audience was 18 – 80 years.

“I talk to my 18 year old son differently to my 80 year old grandmother and I am sure you do too”

Be Memorable - For the Right Reasons

Be memorable – We have all seen ads in our Facebook feed that have caught our attention and stopped us. Thumb stopping!

Something that caught our attention, they are interesting, you stop then click on the link. Woo the text on the landing page seems to speak directly to you. Can they read your mind?

This is the power of right message to the right audience.

Speaking words that they use, their language to your exact target audience.

Break your audience down even further and think of them as your friend, just one just 1 person.

  • Give them a name
  • How do they talk?
  • How do they think?
  • How do they act? 

How Would You Talk To Your Friend?

If they were your friend in real life you would get to know them so, do the same for your avatar.

Nike’s target audience is

Sports Minded Person or An Athlete
15- 45 years old
Traditionally Male
(however recent target switching has seen Nike pick up approx. 20% of the Women’s shoe market.)

Nike is all bout how you “FEEL” in their shoes.They run ads and events with very emotive wording.

Nike: Run with Me, Sports Improvement Clinic

I am definitely not in Nike’s target audience however that doesn’t stop me buying their shoes and being totally happy with my purchase.

Being very specific about your target audience allows you to speak their language and is often how tribes are built around brand, it goes back to the old fashion way of servicing your customers.

Take care of your local customs and they will reward you.
Download the worksheet from today’s episode to define your avatar – ideal customers and take action, to be great you must start

See you next week on the Small Business Talk Podcast.

Marketing - 3 things to do first - Right Audience

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