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Why It’s Important to Focus on the Problem, Not Just Trying to Make the Sale with Janeen Vosper

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For over 20 years, Janeen Vosper worked as the General Manager of Sales for a successful multi-million-dollar business, coaching high performing commission-based sales teams. She established her coaching business, Speech Perfect in 2007 to provide the tools to empower people to possess the confident voice of self-belief and build their personal brand authority. Keynote speaker, host of the We Are Women Podcast and author of two books, Janeen’s coaching includes online training programs, private coaching, and group seminars.

From Alaska to Japan, New Zealand to Hawaii and around Australia, audiences have described Janeen as “brilliant, powerful and informative.”

Do Sales Feel ‘Icky’ to You?

No one wants to feel like they are annoying to their customers. A common trend around business owners who need to take a sales position is that they don’t want to feel like they are bothering their customers, or perceive themselves as a nuisance.

But it’s not about you!

It’s about how your business can help your clients. Shifting your mindset to better complement this idea – that you are helping and solving problems rather than annoying people or being ‘icky’ – can go a long way.

What if you weren’t selling, but simply giving the opportunity to buy?

What is Your Customers’ Main Problem?

Think about it for a moment. What is keeping your potential customers up at night? What is the issue they are struggling with that you can help them to solve with your product or service? Take a moment to also answer these questions;

  • Why do they have that problem?
  • Why haven’t they solved that problem yet?

Often the customers themselves can’t even articulate these answers correctly, so if you can, you will be establishing a rapport with them through this.

Is Targeted Marketing Really Important?

There are many conversations about why you need a target audience or a customer avatar before you try to market to an audience to pave the way to sales because it’s so essential that you know who you are selling to. This doesn’t mean you have to stop selling to other people!

But for example, a seller of baby clothes who pays for Facebook ads will be wasting their money if they are choose to put their ads out to everyone, because the ads are going to go to people who do not have children or another reason to buy those clothes, and the marketing budget will be wasted.

Be specific!

Discounts or Gifts?

Have you ever offered a discount or sale on your product or service?

Instead of taking money off, why not throw in something extra as a gift to your customers for their sale? This can be a little bonus product or an extra aspect to your service, and it is something that will be remembered because it will set you apart from your competitors. The energy of the transaction changes when a gift is included instead of a discount, and your customers are likely to remember it.



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Why It’s Important to Focus on the Problem, Not Just Trying to Make the Sale with Janeen Vosper

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