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Who is the Most Important Person In Your Business with Rebecca Tichbon

Show Notes


Rebecca Tichbon (Beck) originally qualified as a Medical Scientist and then she fell into a health and science teaching career higher education. Beck now runs two successful wellness businesses in Bunbury, Western Australia, and is about to publish her first book. To get to where she is now, Beck has been through many trials and tragedies; she shares her story in her book. Beck is passionate about women’s wellbeing and finds fulfilment in supporting others on their own wellness journeys through her all of her work.

Titch Haven

Titch Haven has been going for nearly five years. Beck is an aromatherapist with a background in medical science. After leaning on aromatherapy herself, Beck found offering aromatherapy to other people helped them while also helping her on her personal journey. Beck has also combined her aromatherapy with dancing and women’s wellness support.

The Most Important Person in Your Business is You

Without you, there is no business, especially if your business format is that you are a sole practitioner or a sole trader. If you aren’t the business owner but the manager or CEO or any role where you’re the person that your employees turn to, you need to have leadership. Even if you’re the only employee, you have got to be your own leader.

Walk the Talk

When you are working with other people that are needing emotional support, you need to look after yourself too. To maintain, you must have empathy, but not take on others stresses and energies. In business, whether working with clients or employees, we must support our emotional selves and fill our own cups to then be able to support others.

Creating The Right Mindset

To be able to help others, we need to get our own mindset right. A beautiful opportunity for that is each morning creating a space to look at your day and set yourself up right. Put in a ritual to practice like writing in a journal, doing a meditation or something like get yourself in the right mindset.

Using Aromatherapy in Your Daily Practices

Aromatherapy is beautiful in that we can use the oils to balance our emotions, whether that’s if we’re feeling low and want to be picked up a little or we want to feel calm if we’re feeling stressed. There are many ways we can turn to oils to help us with our emotions and it can be simply putting an oil in a diffuser or even a drop in a tissue. The beauty is if you can just stop and focus on that smell just for a moment and let that tap into your emotions. Aromatherapy can be used as a way of a mindful moment in your day.

What to look for when buying aromatherapy oils?

Across the world, there is no international standard that’s been set over essential oils and their quality. Some businesses, where they sell essential oils, put their own quality label on it, but there is no third party or no governing body that oversees that. As consumers we should research the company you want to purchase from for quality control. Fragrance oils might smell nice around the house, but they’re not what we use for aromatherapy as such because the chemicals in them aren’t going to have the same therapeutic benefits as a true essential oil. There’s a range of shelf lives depending on the types of oils.

Who is the Most Important Person In Your Business


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