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How to Get Found On Google

Welcome to Small Business Talk Podcast #031, today’s topic is How to Get Found On Google.

SEO  – Search Engine Optimisation is an $80 billion industry.
Why because your website needs to be found on Google or you might as well in the Google graveyard. If your potential customers can’t find you, they will find one of your competitors and spend their money with them.

Getting found on Google is everything to make your website successful. Listen to Small Business Talk Episode 032 for the full podcast

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Show Notes

How to Get Found On Google

SEO  – Search Engine Optimisation is a $80 billion industry.

Why because your website needs to be found on Google or you might as well in the Google graveyard. If your potential customers can’t find you, they will find one of your competitors and spend their money with them.

When talking about search, we concentrate on Google because Google is the biggest with approximately 75% of the search engine market, followed by Youtube which is owned by Google. This is why we all get bombarded with emails most days offering to

  • Get your website on the page 1 fast
  • Turn your website into a High Performance website in Minutes
  • Page 1 or you don’t Pay

And the list goes on.

Some of emails even start with “ I have been on your website and found these critical flaws (listed below).” Wow! You think, they have done their research and it must be real. It can even be a bit scary to think your website has all these holes in it especially if you are paying someone to look after it for you.

The problem is the email is cut and paste and generally they haven’t been on your website at all. They are just using the most common mistakes that websites can have. These emails lose credibility very quickly when you get identical ones to different email addresses.  Be especially careful of the companies that say you don’t pay unless we get results. Sounds reasonable doesn’t it? Sounds like they are protecting you? Unfortunately, NO!

Generally, these types of companies are in it for a quick buck. Yes, they can get you results fast but at what long term cost. They use shady high traffic sites to link back to your site and get you results fast. The problem is the bad reputation follows and you now become tarred with the same brush. Google is clamping down on this practice and is becoming more vigilant with penalties which can take many months or even years to have remove and now your website is effectively dead.

Keyword stuffing is another old tactic that is on Google’s radar. That is where lots and lots of keyword are added everywhere. Keyword stuffing doesn’t make for a very good user experience. Your viewers won’t stay long on your website and will bounce out to find a more informative website that does solve their problems.and

What should you do to get found on Google?

  1. Put your audience first

Recently, I wrote a blog post “3 easy ways to create unique content that your audience want to read”. In this blog post,  I go into detail 3 simple content idea:

  • Ask your audience
  • How to’s
  • Have an option; check out the blog post which is linked in the show notes for more details.
  1. Make sure your website is mobile friendly.

Well, over half of all website are now viewed on a smart phone. Depending on your industry, this statistic will be much higher. If your website is not mobile friendly, you are already disqualifying your business from a huge percentage of your potential audience.

  1. Drive Traffic to your Website

Everyone wanted to be one of the cool kids? Google loves traffic. The more traffic you have that stays on your website, the more traffic Google will send. Read my 6 Ways to Drive Traffic To your Websites blog where I explain easy ways to get traffic.

  • Video, scary but necessary
  • Engagement, send traffic from your social media channels
  • Partnerships – leverage your existing networks

Read the blog for all the details and the rest of my traffic tips.

In episode 17 of Small Business Talk Podcast, David Pagotto from Six Gun, an SEO specialist went through his tips on 5 Best Practices for Local Business SEO where he tells how to best get noticed by our local customers.

Get found on Google

There are lots of ways your website can be found on Google read the blog posts mentioned at CATCO Enterprises and try some of these tips out on your website. Getting found is all about giving your audience what they need. Solutions to their problem and something they are not even sure what the problem is until you give them a way to solve it.

The first question you should ask according to Bob Burg, the author of the Go Giver Book Series is
“Does it serve?”,
“Does it add value to others?”

Think of your website that way, follow the tips I have suggested and before long, Google and your potential customers will love you.

Next week, I will be peaking with an author, speaker and mentor who will enlighten us on “How going green is an untapped advantage for your business”. Looking forward to having you, Join me then.


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