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How To Leave A Review On Apple Podcasts

Let’s break down the step by step instructions on how to leave an Apple Podcast Review for your favorite podcast in 2021!

How to Leave a Review on Apple Podcasts on Your iOS Device

1. Open Apple Podcast App
2. Go to the icons at the bottom of the screen and choose “search”
3. Search for “Healthy Runner Podcast”
4. Click on the SHOW, not the episode
5. Scroll all the way down to “Ratings and Reviews”
6. Click on “Write a Review”

Then you will be able to rate on a five star scale and write a written review! You can also leave a review without leaving a rating (but the rating is definitely important!)

How to Leave a Review on Apple Podcasts (on a computer from a web browser)

1. Visit our Apple Podcasts page in your web browser
2. Click on “Listen on Apple Podcasts”
3. It will prompt you to open iTunes – allow the popup and switch to iTunes.
4. In iTunes, click on “Rating and Reviews”
5. Then you can do exactly what you would do on the Podcasts App – leave a star rating and review!