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How to Grow Your Business Without Burning Out with Justine Beauregard

Today our guest is Justine Beauregard and today we’re going to be talking about How to Grow Your Business Without Burning Out?

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Justine Beauregard is on a mission to provide entrepreneurs with better, more affordable access to high-quality marketing. As a small business marketer since 2008 and the proud owner of Mirelle Marketing since 2015, Justine has become known for reducing marketing spend, by developing and implementing proven repeatable inbound marketing strategies, while simultaneously boosting profits. Justine has helped hundreds of small business owners achieve faster growth despite limited resources and looks forward to continuing to do the same for thousands more small businesses worldwide.

Simplify Your Marketing Strategies

The key in growing any business is to simplify your marketing strategies as a lot of people feel over-extended which can easily lead to burn out. This involves scaling back your marketing efforts and looking closely at your daily activities and actions that result in what you see or define to be successful.

Choose the Best Platforms for Your Audience

Don’t try to mimic other people’s success. For instance, you might notice one of your competitors or a friend who’s an entrepreneur has been successful with Instagram, so you suddenly feel drawn to that social media platform too. It can result in you spreading yourself too thin. Consider your audience and what platforms they use otherwise you can end up spending a valuable time where your audience isn’t. Once you have your best platform, you must commit to it, it’s all about consistency and commitment. Most strategies take time to grow and jumping from one to the next isn’t the key to your success. You must also define a breaking point to re-evaluate and adjust too.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Although you’re simplifying your business processes, platforms and systems, you still must diversify your marketing strategy. Pick a couple of avenues to get you clients and build traction in your business. Create other spaces because not everybody enjoys the same mediums. Some people are visual learners, they really love to attend lives and view them. Some people consume information that’s written preferring a blog post or email campaign while others prefer to talk on the phone and have a one-to-one conversation. Allowing different personality types to engage with you in different ways will help you see the best way for reaching people and visibility on the services that you love to provide that bring you joy, and then slowly over time, your audience will naturally define itself

Have Your Clients and Your Customers Help You Do the Work

There’s a lot of free advertisement in great referrals and in testimonials and social proof. People who love what you do and follow the movement behind your brand and believe in it just as much as you do, which is quite possible with many of your clients, are an untapped resource to advertise for you.

Making Your Marketing More Human

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